Week six of the lockdown period

1 May, 2020

Message from Eileen Howatt:

“We are now into week six of the lockdown period and I am pleased to tell you that, thanks to the ongoing hard work of our employees, we are still delivering critical services to our communities without any issue.
The Scottish Government has praised our approach to delivering weekly food boxes to children and young people who are eligible for free school meals. They are particularly impressed with the content of the boxes, which now include information on a range of activities developed by our Active Schools Team, and are keen to promote the approach taken in South Ayrshire as good practice.
Our teams are also linking in with foster carers across South Ayrshire who are doing a fantastic job, providing much needed support to some of our most vulnerable young people.
Our Human Resources Team have been working with the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) to identify 70 employee volunteers who are able to perform care roles in the event that additional resource is needed. These employee volunteers will undergo training to allow them to be redeployed if the need arises.
It’s been heartening to see some great feedback from our residents about the services we’re providing throughout this crisis. One local couple expressed their gratitude for all of the assistance they have received from us so far, including weekly food parcels and prescription collections, telling us that they have received all of the help and support they could possibly want.
Tuesday 28 April was International Workers’ Memorial Day, where we showed our support to those who have been affected by losing a loved one at work, or have experienced a work related illness or injury. We planned to mark the day by planting a tree at Rozelle. However, as this wasn’t possible, we instead planted avirtual treefor every family in South Ayrshire who have lost a loved one through work, and for all of our key essential workers who are delivering critical services throughout this pandemic.
This week has also seen some of our sheltered housing residents showcase their musical talents on TV. Residents at St. Meddans Court and Panrock/ Milrock Court in Troon took part in a video showing their support for the NHS which was aired on BBC Scotland’s ‘The Nine’ earlier this week.
Cash For Kids have granted £19,740to a range of projects providing support to 564 children in South Ayrshire including: South Ayrshire Autistic Society; Unity Grill; The 1010 Trust; South Ayrshire Carers’ Centre; and South Ayrshire Women’s Aid. They are continuing to work to secure further funding, which will be available for families who need support during the crisis.
I’m aware that there has been some confusion over the re-opening of recycling centres. While the UK Government has asked local authorities in England to open their recycling centres, as it stands at the moment, all recycling centres across Local Authorities in Scotland will remain closed. In Scotland, travel to a household waste recycling centre is not currently classed as an essential journey, and closures are likely to remain in place until the travel advice changes”.