Council delivers on lockdown medication

1 July, 2020

Status: For immediate release

At South Ayrshire Council, we’re working with all 29 community pharmacies to ensure residents from Barassie to Ballantrae can still get vital medicines during the lockdown.

We’re delivering prescriptions to people who are shielding, or who live in isolated communities and can’t get to the nearest pharmacy. We have 25 dedicated staff volunteers supporting around 200 people every week.

To make sure those in need don’t miss out, we have also been phoning people on the shielding list to offer the prescription delivery service. So far, our staff volunteers have also made over 850 home visits to people on the list to make sure they’re OK.

John Barr from Monkton was worried he would not get his medication. He said: “It’s been fantastic. I was worried about what I was going to do during lockdown, but this service has been a huge help. First class.”

Fiona is one of our staff volunteers. She said: “I’ve made lots of deliveries all across South Ayrshire. I think most of the people we deliver to, would have struggled to get their prescriptions without our help.”

Jacob, who normally works in our Sport and Leisure service, said: “The comments you get make the job worthwhile; people are so appreciative! They don’t expect the Council to turn up on their doorstep with medicine, but they are very glad when we do.”

Councillor Peter Henderson, Leader of South Ayrshire Council said: “We are continuing to do all we can to help vulnerable people in our communities cope with the lockdown. Ensuring those in need can get prescriptions is extremely important, so our Community Response Team worked with NHS Pharmacy Advisors to set up the collection and delivery service. This is partnership working at its best and we will continue to deliver prescriptions to those in need for the duration of the lockdown.”

Anyone who is not on the shielding list, but still needs help getting medication, can contact us on the Covid-19 Helpline 01292 616101.