Odd Object Competition

15 June, 2021

Troon Community Council’s Summer Competition

Find an object in the shop window that it doesn’t normally sell!

25th June – 31st July

Troon Community Council (TCC) are holding their “Find the Object Competition” from the start of the school holidays until the end of  July.

This year as well as the five primary schools in Troon, (Barassie, Muirhead, St Patrick’s, Struthers, and Troon) the TCC are opening up the competition to all primary school children – both residents in our town and those from outwith the Troon boundary. Primary school visitors, children from surrounding towns and villages as well as further afield, are all welcome to take part. Over and above the three prizes we normally give to each of the town’s schools, there is an additional ten prizes sponsored by TCC, for the extra participants.

The £10 voucher prizes can be spent in any of the shops taking part.

TCC have endeavoured to comply with Covid Guidance and have done their best to ensure the competition is run as safely as possible. Entry forms have been delivered to the town’s schools for a period of quarantine, before being given to the pupils.

Entry forms for the additional prizes will be available on request from C Gulls and Strawberry Cushion in Church Street, Words & Music in Portland Street, Blooms in West Portland Street, Cafe 141 Deveron Road. Note, entry forms are available on request only from behind the screens in the shops listed above. There will also be a PDF form, which can be downloaded from the website.  www.trooncommunitycouncil.co.uk Completed entry forms have to be returned to Waddell & Macintosh in Ayr Street on or before 31st July. When all the entries are in, a period of quarantine will again be in place, before they can be checked, for the prize winners. It is hoped to announce the winners towards the middle/end of August.

Please take every care to keep your distance when taking part in the competition and stay safe especially when crossing the road.

TCC is grateful for the support of all the businesses that have contributed to the continued success of this competition and encourage everyone, to look closely at the wide range of goods and services, offered by Troon’s shopkeepers.

George Mulveny (TCC Events 315503)

Downloadable form here

Find the Object Comp Summer 2021