Troon the Cycle Friendly Toon”

Recently, a local steering group focussed on Troon and the surrounding area called “Troon the Cycle Friendly Toon” has been set up by the voluntary group called South Ayrshire Paths Initiative (SAPI). A better cycling and walking infrastructure for Troon was originally pioneered by our local MP, Philippa Whitford, and from these early discussions we now have all our local Councillors on board, with representation from the Troon Community Council and some members of the public involved. We have just begun a review of the walking/pedestrian and cycling infrastructure & facilities in Troon and the surrounding area.

We believe that a redevelopment is now required in the Troon area to enhance the pedestrian and cycling experience in the town centre and improve its connection with the other local communities like Loans, Muirhead and Barrassie. We are clear that the new and existing housing estates should have better connections to local facilities, including schools, which would allow more enjoyable walking and cycling journeys, on both shared and segregated paths, for everyone. As Troon is on the National Cycle Network Route 7 which passes along the picturesque beach promenade, we should promote ourselves to encourage walkers & cyclists to visit our South Ayrshire town of Troon instead of sometimes just passing us by.


Other news from SAPI

The Wow Program: The WOW programme is a behaviour change programme that encourages children to actively travel to school, with a focus on walking. We have the council now re-engaging with Living Streets Scotland with 10 primary schools in SA. Muirhead and Troon have signed up for this so that’s good news.

We are looking at trying to cloud fund an electric and covered Rickshaw for voluntary lead trips along the promenade for the care homes and sheltered homes in Troon.

Also The One Path Program: Early next year we are working on a behaviour change program called One Path for the shared paths in SA. This will involve the promotion and education to all on the use of the public paths to make sure everyone knows and appreciates that we all give way to pedestrians.


Saturday the 18th November 1st Public engagement

Representatives from SAPI, our local MP Philippa Whitford & Councilor Craig Mackay were in attendance to gather ideas and suggestion from our local community

Table presentations were laid out detailing initial suggestions of the following possible enhancements to our Troon Infrastructure.

  • Consideration of a one-way system in the Troon town centre with improved and consistent level and wider pavements with added cycle access and parking facilities.
  • A dedicated cycle route along Bentinck Drive from Craig end Road directly into the Town Centre.
  • An improved community link to the Station from Loans, Muirhead, Marr College with a new pavement and cycle path along Harling Drive for walkers and cyclists alike.
  • A better shared path along the promenade and along Brassie Beach on the NCN 7.

This 1st public event was well attended with a mixture of cyclist and walkers who were keen to comment on the initial suggestions and get involved with ideas and offering alternative and complimentary ideas.

Cllr Craig Mackay added: “As somebody who routinely cycles to get about Troon, I was delighted to see the positive ideas people brought to this initial consultation. I have already arranged discussions with Ayrshire Roads Alliance and hope to see us begin to make progress on turning Troon into a cycle friendly town in the near future.”

My personal comment is “I am personally pleased that only recently a cross party representative of all our councilors were in Ayr in the council office asking for Troon to be case for new funding for our town. So it has already started and we as a community group just need to drive it forward with the backing of our elected council.”

Some Public comments

“Promote cycle paths for people with electric wheelchairs so they can get around Troon.”

“Widen the cycle path at Dunes along the beach front”

“A one way system in the Town centre would make it a better shopping environment”

“Bentinck Drive could be good for a cycle path but must be sympathetic to residents”
“Motion Detection Lightning needed underneath LCN Road bridges”

“People must feel safe when walking on paths as some cyclist should have better respect and travel too fast. An education and promotional program should be put in place.”

20 mph in the centre of town and more cycle parking in town centre”

The next step from this first community event is to report back to the Troon Community Council and then to the Ayrshire Roads Alliance within South Ayrshire Council for consideration for possible support and funding streams available over the next six months.

Once this has been accepted then suggested designs will be presented to the public for consideration, co-design and implementation.